Collection: Personalised Stamped Jewellery

Our stacking hand stamped designs are a lovely way to pay tribute to someone or something you care about. A personalised message that can say anything you like.. Your friends, family or even your pets name.

We use sterling silver for the majority of our stamped pieces. Please check the product description before purchasing. 

We also use aluminium metal which is a lovely lightweight metal and a great alternative to sterling silver. It is also hypo allergenic, it won't rust or tarnish. Slight scratches can appear on aluminium and over time the black colouring can fade. We offer a free re-buffing and recolouring service, p&p will need to be covered by the customer for this service. 

Each letter is stamped by hand, one at a time and no pieces are alike. This means not all letters will be even, this gives your personalised jewellery a unique and quirky look.